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World’s Most Powerful, Easiest-To-Use & Smartest
A.I Powered Graphics & Animation Software
Creates ANY TYPE of Highly Captivating Design  That Commands Attention Of Paying Customers To ‘Click & Buy’ 10X FASTER… Without Design Skills! 
World’s Most Powerful, Easiest-To-Use & Smartest
A.I Powered Graphics & Animation Software
Creates ANY TYPE of Highly Captivating Design  That Commands Attention Of Paying Customers To ‘Click & Buy’ 10X FASTER… Without Design Skills! 
Newbies Got Results For The 1st Time Using Our Mind Blowing All-In-One Design Solution With Over 500+ Stunning Done-For-You Templates.
Unleash your creativity and design stunning visuals that capture attention and drive sales.
Cater to a wide range of clients with a diverse portfolio of designs.
Save time and effort by using pre-made design elements instead of creating them from scratch.
Attract attention and boost social media engagement with captivating animated content.
Streamline your workflow and enhance productivity with the powerful background removal tool.
Collaborate seamlessly with team members by sharing design files and media assets directly within the platform.
Safeguard your intellectual property and prevent unauthorized use of your designs.
Export your designs in various formats to suit your specific needs, ensuring compatibility across platforms.
Create high-quality images and graphics for print, web, or social media without compromising quality.
Store your designs securely and conveniently in your preferred cloud storage service.
Save time and effort and stand out by remixing text and image layers w ith the power of AI.
Commercial License Included so you can charge any amount of money to your clients.
100% Beginner-Friendly - Agency License Included
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Price Goes Up In…
Create Professional Designs And Animations
With Unique Features, In 3 Simple Steps…
STEP 1: Select
Select From 500+ Ready-To-Use Templates In 50+ Niches, or create from scratch!
Step 2: Design
Design With Our Rich, Yet Easy-To-Use AI Powered Editor!
Step 3: Publish
Publish Designs By Sharing, Downloading, or Embedding In Seconds!
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Imajely ’ Exclusive Bonus #1:
Unlimited Access to “High Quality Stock Photo Sharing Platform"(Real World Value: $697)
There's no Design without high quality stock photos.
IMAGELY has a powerful Library of stunning images and photos for your beautiful Designs.
As an added resource for making money with those stock images you have access to, I'll give you this Additional Bonus.
This Bonus Software is a free and premium stock photo Script. The platform allows users to upload high-quality photos that could be shared with members and visitors.
It's got a beautiful dashboard and interface that you'll definitely enjoy navigating. But more especially, you'll never run out of premium quality stock images for your marketing efforts.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #2:
Unlimited Access to “100% Responsive AI-Powered Image Generator” (Real World Value: $497)
IMAGELY helps you create Professional-Grade Designs & Animations in just a few minutes..
As an additional resource to ensure that you're never stuck with getting the perfect image for a campaign or social media post to sell these songs, I'm adding this bonus Software.
It is a Powerful script that allows users to generate unique and custom images using only a prompt and size as input.
Powered by the latest advancements in artificial intelligence technology, the platform can quickly and efficiently generate high-quality images that are tailored to your specific prompt and size specifications.
The images generated by this bonus app are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, from digital to print.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #3:
Unlimited Access to “Social Content Creator's Platform” (Real World Value: $497)
How often do you make money with the social media content you churn out when you don't sell anything?
So you spend hours researching and crafting powerful content and all you get in return are lame, non-profitable reactions, comments, and shares?
How would you like to make money from the Designs and animations that you create with IMAGELY?
This special bonus is a fully-featured cloud based platform that allows you to start your own premium content-based social media platform in no time.
Simply put: It allows creators to sell their premium content via monthly subscriptions, offers, bundles, tips, and pay-to-unlock posts.
This bonus software is a perfect way to earn from the content you create. It's as simple to use as your regular social media platforms - except that here your posts bring you steady moolah even without having to sell anything!
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #4:
Unlimited access to "Cutting-Edge Telemarketing & Voice Calling SaaS Application” .(Real World Value: $297)
Contrary to what most folks in this space believe, telemarketing isn't dead!
If you sell any high-ticket Products, it's still one of the highest converting Marketing channels - if you have a trusted app.
This Bonus Software is an application that allows you to make calls to your customers to promote your products.
There is a Web dialer where you can live, call your customers and sell products.
You can make bulk phone calls to mobile phones using pre-recorded audio messages.
It offers a campaign feature that enables users to make multiple calls at once, and these calls can be made using a robotic voice or a pre-recorded voice message.
Overall, it is a tool that can help you to automate their phone-based outreach to Prospective Clients for your design agency, saving time and increasing efficiency.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #5:
Complete Access to “WhatsApp Automation Software & Marketing Platform" (Real World Value: $697)
WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world, with over 2 billion active users.
This makes it an attractive platform for businesses to reach out to potential customers and engage with their existing customer base.
It gives a personal feel to interactions with customers.
But when you have so many customers to communicate with, responding to each message manually could become tedious for you or your handler.
This Bonus Software is a WhatsApp Marketing Software that allows you to create multiple devices for sending messages to your target audience.
It allows you to create a chatbot for automatic reply and it's furnished with lots of features available that allow you to engage directly with the target audience.
With IMAGELY, you get to create Stunning graphics at the push of a button, which you can sell on WhatsApp using this Bonus Software.
It's the best way to maximize your use of WhatsApp for Business!
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #6:
Complete Access to “Powerful Multi-Tenant Course Selling Website Builder" (Real World Value: $697)
Creating a course is great…
But anyone who's going to make lots of money from Selling information Products needs a great website.
I'm talking about a website specifically dedicated to Selling online courses.
This could be a real challenge given the premium fees most course hosting platforms charge.
This Bonus Software helps you to build a multi-tenant course website within minutes.
It's doesn't require even the least technical experience.
Beyond creating Designs and Animation for clients with IMAGELY, You can make 3X more income by offering to build your a website for selling Online courses using this Bonus App.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #7:
Unlimited Access To “Powerful HeatMap & Live Session Recording Tool” (Real World Value: $697)
When you start your design & Animation agency using IMAGELY, you'll need to understand how Prospective Clients interact with your portfolio Website..
The Importance of real-time data in running an online business cannot be overemphasized.
When you start your design & Animation agency using IMAGELY, you'll need to understand how Prospective Clients interact with your portfolio Website..
That's why you need to be able to see exactly where your website visitors are clicking, scrolling, and spending their time.
This will help you to analyze user behavior and make data-driven decisions to improve your website’s performance.
This Bonus Software helps you do just that!
It is a heatmap and session recording tool that allows you to track and analyze user behavior on your website.
It uses color-coded maps to show where users click, move their cursor, and scroll on your website.
This data helps you identify which areas of your website are getting the most attention and which areas need improvement.
Plus this bonus Software also provides a comprehensive overview of your website’s traffic for the last 30 days.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #8:
Unlimited Access to Ultimate Social Proof & FOMO Widgets Notifications ToolKit (Real World Value: $297)
People Don't get to buy stuff until they're convinced that other people like them are buying the same thing..
That's why the most successful marketers use Social proof Effectively..
And that's why you need This Bonus Software
It is a fully loaded toolkit with marketing tools, plugins, and pop-ups to create FOMO, Social Proof, Engage and keep your website visitors. competitors.
With the results gotten from having these conversion elements, you'll have more Customers flooding in to buy the Designs and animations you create with IMAGELY.
You'll also have a pipeline filled with Clients for this service, as they'll be impressed with the Social proof on your website.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #9:
Instant Access to “Customer Support Ticket Management Platform” (Real World Value: $497)
Keeping track of and managing customer support concerns can get very hectic.
A ticketing system is helpful in this situation.
This Bonus Software is an adequately designed ticket-managing PHP system that facilitates a great user experience for your clients & customers
This tool helps customers to create tickets and attach files.
They can select their query from a well-curated list of FAQs. On the successful generation of the ticket, the unique ticket id is created and the link is sent via mail to the customer.
Imajely’ Exclusive Bonus #10:
Complete Access To “Complete Multi-Business Service Booking Software” (Real World Value: $297)
Running a service based business requires that you maintain a high level of orderliness.
With IMAGELY, you can expect an avalanche of interest in your design services..
And that can sometimes pose a challenge as the volume of your client base increases. Things could get really messed up. You think you're in control - until you're not!
That's why we're offering This Bonus Software- the most budget-friendly multi-business appointment booking platform to simplify client bookings in a contactless way. You can now Manage bookings, clients, staff, services, coupons etc.
It's as effective as a virtual assistant working to schedule your bookings and appointments.
It's also got other features such as form builders and templates to facilitate the appointment booking process. If you're going to run your digital business creation agency, then this bonus software will spare you a lot of chaos.
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I am a content editor and I make lots of intro videos. I save more than $500 using imajely logo reveal tool . They have lots of reveal templates with new ones added just when you need it. No more having to use different tools since I can make both design and intro video with just one tool. Good job to the team
Aurora Moon
Content editor
I am a digital marketer and I make lots of animated graphics. From GIF to animated stickers. I realized that Imajely supports transparent GIF out of the box. This saves me having to pay for extra tools for creating quality transparent GIF for my work.
Daniel Dusk
Digital Marketer
I needed to make animated banners for my sales campaign. I like how easy it is to start creating one. And I must point out that the giphy GIF sticker support is amazing. Exactly what I needed for my campaigns.
Clementine Cloud
Video Animator
The A.I image remix is a game changer. This has saved me from having to spend thousands of $ on stock photos platforms. I could create richer and more unique design assets for my freelance work.
Henry Horizon
Digital Marketer
I got fired from my job recently. But I was able to afford imajely because of how cheap it is. I made my first $800 and I decided to save up and start my own design agency with the business suite plan.
Basil Breeze
Design Agency
The app has lots of hidden potentials. I love how I could design animated sprite and import into my video editing tool. This has saved me lots of money and time.
Eleanor Eclipse
Video Creator
Imajely's transparent GIF support saved costs, and the AI image generation feature elevated my graphics quality. This directly contributed to a 20% increase in engagement, translating to an additional $700 in revenue. A smart investment for any digital marketer.
Gwendolyn Glow
Digital Marketer
Imajely's logo reveal tool saved me over $500, and with the AI image generation feature, I've created high-quality visuals for clients. This resulted in an increase in my freelance income by $1,000 within a month. Kudos to the team for these lucrative solutions
Isabella Iris
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